To carriers that have their own trucks, we offer long-term cooperation.

We transport around 52,000 cargoes per year; we constantly grow, develop, and improve. Therefore, we invite you to cooperate!

We conclude long-term contracts with subcontractors to carriage goods throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and the CIS countries.

Why work with Bleiras Logistics:

Permanent work throughout Europe

Working with Bleiras Logistics will allow you to work all year round throughout Europe.

Professionalism and cooperation

We bring together a team of more than 3300 people and are always ready to help.

We guarantee you direct cooperation (in LT, RU, PL, EN, FR, and DK languages).

11 500 km

Monthly kilometrage not less than 11,500 km

Permanent payment

We can pay for your work within one business day.

Various discounts

Compensation for tunnels and bridges tolls paid, as well as CH transit.
Trucks Department
Vehicles transporters Department