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Vehicle’s transportation and logistics

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We offer you the following services:

Auto transport

We provide all services for the vehicle’s transportation and logistics.

  • Vehicle transportation
  • Control of all links of transportation
  • Transportation of expensive cars

Transportation of general cargo

Services for the transportation of general full and partial cargoes:

We may offer more than 300 trucks with standard tents and Mega and Reefer type semi-trailers.

Bleiras Service

We have six service centres in Europe, where we provide all services for repairing trucks and vehicle transporters’ trailers.

  • Diagnostics and repair of breakdowns of the undercarriage of cargo vehicles
  • Diagnostics and repair of breakdowns of pneumatic systems
  • Diagnostics and repair of electrical equipment
  • Repair and diagnostics of the effectiveness of braking systems
  • Help on the road

And much more!

ENLETA Driver Training Academy

To continuously improve the company’s processes and provide high-quality services, we have created intensive and concentrated 2-week courses for future employees, where Bleiras Logistics drivers acquire all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge.

We invite you to join us and study at the driver training academy Enleta.

We pay special attention to the sustainability and quality of the vehicle fleet.



We are part of a large community.

Our experience - more than 30 years

We manage a fleet of over 800 vehicles

We drive over 100 Mio km a year

A team of more than 1500 people

We work throughout Europe and beyond

Enterprise development

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