The company has a department with the short name “Eco”. “Eco” comes from the ancient Greek word “οἶκος” – “house” and is the initial part of the terms “Economy” and “Ecology”. The tasks and goals of the department are simple – to reduce the amount of energy spent on transporting goods. In short: “more cargo with less fuel.” Less fuel used to transport the same amount of cargo means lower costs and fewer emissions. Economics and ecology.

Although technology is constantly improving, the greatest influence on achieving these goals is the qualifications and motivation of the person driving the vehicle. Eco-department instructors work directly with drivers – they train, advise and evaluate. All instructors are certified specialists and, importantly, have extensive experience as truck drivers. Therefore, in a company with thousands of drivers, each of their achievements is assessed individually and rewarded immediately after the end of their service.


We teach and remind the basic principles of economical driving every time drivers go to work.


We observe and help improve
driving during work


We evaluate efforts and
reward immediately.

Drive economically, environmentally and safely!

Our best instructors

A team consisting of true professionals who know their business

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