Your partner on the road since 1994.

Bleiras Logistics is a team of enthusiasts providing all services for transporting goods by auto transport trailers and tractors with tent semi-trailers and refrigerators. We transport goods all over Europe, while not being limited to Europe alone!

We provide cargo transportation services: transportation of vehicles, transportation of partial and complete cargo and es, repair, and maintenance of commercial vehicles.

One of the largest fleets of vehicles, a well-developed infrastructure of the enterprise, a professional team, and a guarantee of high-quality services.

Our main goal

The most reliable partner on the road

  • Providing logistics services of the highest quality.
  • Applying the highest quality standards to ourselves and our clients.
  • Committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

Our vision

Leading haulage company in Europe:

  • Looking for innovative solutions for everyday activities.
  • Guaranteeing sustainable and socially responsible activity of the enterprise.
  • Providing professional and personal growth, as well as opportunities for self-development for its employees.

Our mission

Transparent, sustainable, and responsible business:

  • Bringing together talented and enthusiastic professionals.
  • Creating motivating working conditions.
  • Providing reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Guaranteeing the highest quality of services.

Professional Driver Training Academy

To improve the quality of driving of forwarders, ensure safety and provide all the necessary knowledge, we have founded the Enleta Driver Training Academy.

Quality control

At the loading points, we have on-duty quality controllers who ensure the quality of the loading.

Cargo insurance

Each cargo delivered by us is insured for the amount of € 2.5 Mio. If necessary, the cargo can be for a larger amount.

Ambitious team

The Bleiras Logistics corporate group bring together a team of more than 2700 people.

We are here for one purpose – to provide the highest quality services.

The transport fleet of Bleiras Logistics meets all the highest requirements and standards. All vehicles managed by the enterprise comply with EURO6 standards, and the age of the vehicle fleet is 2 years on average.

Although logistics is inextricably linked to CO2 pollution issues, we focus on reducing pollution and improving sustainability. We transport goods only with new and technically sound vehicles; quality controllers are on duty at each of our loading points. Also, all drivers working in the Bleiras Logistics corporate group are certified experts in economical driving.





We are part of a large community.

Our experience – more than 30 years

We manage a fleet of over 1400 vehicles

We drive over 120 Mio km a year

A team of more than 3300 people

We work throughout Europe and beyond

Enterprise development

We are ambitious and we see the development of our activities as even more rapid in order to be able to transport your goods even more efficiently, faster, and safer.


Purchase 15% of new auto transport carriers every year


Increase the fleet of vehicles by 20% every year

Interesting fact

Today we own one of the largest auto transport carrier fleets in Europe. The Bleiras Logistics corporate group has reached this level by starting with one car transporter Mercedes Benz 1622 manufactured in 1984.